More pictures

Jessyca, her friend Steph and I went up to Duluth, MN for a night of fun for the girls at The Edge Water motel and water park. On our way to there we stopped in Superior to have pizza with my parents (didn't get no pictures, forget I got new camera lol) Then we raced to the motel where we unloaded the van and the girls changed into their swimming suits.

After breakfast the next morning it was back into their swim suits for some more fun in the water before we left.

This was the view from our room. Cold morning.

Jerry was left home to care for the dogs and chickens. Let me just say the chickens were happy I was back home because I give more treats then he does lol

Here's a lost photo from my old camera of Tiny and Penelope.

And one last one from the other day.
Im thinking its a secret chicken meeting lol


Catlady said...

Hi Robin. What a fun time you all most of had. We haven't been there yet. Kids are small I am waiting for them to grow a bit before we do that adventure. :) That is funny what you said about the chickens lol. Love your pictures.

Ladybug Graphix said...

LOL LOL Love the photos! Was that water heated? outside too? I got cold just looking at them... You needed to get away too... I hope you got rested honey!! Love ya! {{HUGS}}

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

I've been the baad blogger friend and not been back by to leave ya some love. Hope all is well with you. The new camera takes great photos!!

Stay warm, winter should be over in about oh 5 months. lol