Too much to too little

It has taken me a few days to recover enough to be able to type this so bare with me here.  On Wednesday I wasnt feeling the best so I called into work to get rid of my second client (the mean woman) for that day.  I only had to go fix breakfast and visit a little with my new gentleman and then I could go home to bed.  When I got there and opened the door with the usual smile and a cheerful good morning he wasnt in his chair (very unusual).  I went to his bedroom to find he passed away peacefully in his sleep only 2 months and 2 days after his wife of 64 years.  In the very short time Ive been with him I loved going there making him breakfast and we would discuss all small town gossip.  He was a very special man that will be dearly missed.
I had to call 911, answer tons of questions, be there when his family arrived and hold it together until I could go.  This is the hardest thing I had to do in my whole life and I hope to never do again.  That days was the worst in my life, that night was filled with nightmares and images of him laying there.  The next day (yesterday) was better but I had to keep busy.  Today is the funeral.  My thoughts and prayers go to his lovely family.
Rest in pease Forrest (1921-2009)  I will never forget what a kind, sweet and loving man you were.
Please forgive me if I dont post for awhile.


Catlady said...

OH no Robin I am so so sorry you had to go through this. So sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you and his family. Many hugs.....

Angie said...

Oh Robin I am so sorry for your lost I have been without service for over a week and I am trying to go through and catch up, I was so sorry to hear about this you are in my prayers

Lisamariemlt said...

hi there
I landed on your blog by visiting one and bopping here
do you believe things happen for a reason
although you were not comforted with a few nights sleep you were meant to be that families angel who found their realitive, do what needed to be done
and spare them the heartbreak of finding that special man
I am hoping that you are doing better
a huge hug from me although I don't know you
life can sometime be so unfair or unkind but know you were to be there for a reason