Freezing and busy

Ok before I need to get out that bug spray (thanks for the idea Catlady! lol) I thought Id update really quick. The weather here isnt being nice but I wont complain lol
I have been having a hard time with the lady I was helping take care of, I couldnt do anything right for her and she was always cutting me down. At first I asked to be removed from her one day a week leaving me there only one day one week and three days the next but that hasnt worked. I got a call last Wednesday asking me if I was interested in someone new and I jumped at the chance. I met him on Friday and started today. Now the only problem is that I am still with that woman until I can be replaced so I will be working alot! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays from 9-3 and Wednesday from 9-10:30 is the new gentleman. Wednesday 11 - 4 and every other weekend is that lady. Finally I have one more gentleman I take care of thats only an hour to 1 1/2 once a week but I drive 80 round trip to get to him and usually on Thursdays. If everything works out and I am dropped from that lady I will be working M, Tu, Th and F from 9 - 3, Wednesday will be from 9-10:30 and then off to gentleman 2s house! Every weekend off!! I will miss my time here at the house by myself but what you going to do?
So now you all know whats going on in my world : )


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Bug spray...that's funny. :)

Sounds like you're keeping busy. Glad that you were able to get that situation straightened out. Hope it doesn't take too long.

Take care!

Ladybug Graphix said...

Wow... now wonder you haven't been around!! Miss ya sweetie.. Just stopping by to say hi, and wish you a wonderful weekend!! {{HUGS}}

Ladybug Graphix said...

Stoppin by to say BOO!!! {{HUGS}} hope all is ok... :)